Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Collection

I am please to announce that one of my portraits now belongs in the collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. The mug shot Illegal Alien was purchased for the museum by Peter Buck & Chloe Johnson. Associate curator June Black had this to say about the acquisition of the piece:Illegal Alien (Mug shots)

Illegal Alien   Mixed crocheted yarn   25×25 inches   2013

“We work very closely with faculty in the Latin American Studies Program
at the university and that piece gives us a wonderful opportunity to talk
about issues relating to race, ethnicity, migration, illegality, criminality,
etc. It’s an incredibly powerful and moving piece and we really believe it
resonates with the issues facing the growing Latino community in the
Eugene and Springfield area, which we are actively trying to engage…
that piece is just so in-line with our mission and our guiding principles.”